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Doula Packages

Great Baby Shower Gifts!
Give the gift of ease into motherhood! Hire a postpartum doula as a joint contribution amongst friends!
Can be given by each person donating a small amount towards the gift of the doula services for the first few days after coming home.
Looking for an excellent baby shower gift?
Postpartum Gift Packages:
"Welcome Home" (8 hours)
(suggested 2 days/4 hour shifts or one 8-hour overnight shift)                 
-package for $280 
"Healthy Start" (18 hours)
(suggested 4 days/4-5 hour shifts or two 9-hour overnight shifts)
-package for $630
"Settling Home" (24 hours) 
(suggested 5 days/4-6 hour shifts or three 8-hour overnight shifts)
-package for $840
Customized packages available. Packages are usually done in 4-6 hour time blocks. Individual day prices $140/4 hours. Individual night prices $280/8 hours. May also be booked per hour at $35/hr. Doula services may be booked for one day or up to three months during the fourth trimester (first three months postpartum). 


Downloadable contract for services: 



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