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Parent Coaching Services

Free Initial Observation and Consultation
Free observation and consultation with your family in their own surroundings. Before the observation takes place, your parent coach will begin a short interview period to gather information to address any concerns parents may have with regards to your family's development. During this observation, family interactions, dialogue, discipline and regular routines will be observed. Parents may discuss any family goals they want to attain through their parent coaching sessions. When hiring a parenting coach, you will have the option of how often, what length and which needs to best fit you and your family. Typically time slots are booked in 60-90 minute session yet we are able to work around your desired time slots as well as frequency of visits. Please fill out the contact information message to request your free observation and consultation.

Essential Parent Coaching

Phone & Email Support 

I will provide phone and email support throughout your parent coaching contract. Once contract is signed, feel free to call, text, or email with any questions and/or concerns. 

Parent Coaching Sessions 

Coaching sessions will be based on the desired outcomes you as a family want to achieve. Sessions consist of 60-90 minutes of coaching parents in constructive ways to better redirect behavior, increase family communication, provide and encourage cooperation among all the family members. 

Professional Information 

I am here to offer you support and guidance so that you may make the best decisions to fit your family's needs in order to produce the family life you desire. I will provide you with guidance regarding your family's interaction, discipline, work-life balance, co-parenting strategies, family transitions, establishing routines, handling behavioral issues, and build upon your strengths as a family. 

Family Parenting Coach 

Services will include positive possibilities building on the strengths your family is displaying currently. Change and restructure will be provided by the parenting coach in order to strive to create the family life that best aligns with your core-beliefs as parents. 

Family Plan or New Baby Transition

I am available to assist families in working towards a family plan of growth on a time line that best suits your family. Your family plan will build on your strengths as parents. Your cultural, spiritual, morals and beliefs will be incorporated into your family plan. Whether you have a newborn or are planning to start a family soon, a parent coach can formulate a family plan to create a transition best suited for your family based on your lifestyle.  

Co-Parenting, Separation or Divorce, Blended Families

Parent Coaching can assist your family in making a transition such as a separation or divorce more supportive by providing guidance on how to co-parent through the stage of transition. A parenting coach can assist parents who are not married to better co-parent in order to provide more harmony among your family. A parenting coach can work with blended families to promote an atmosphere best suited for all members of the family on both sides. 

Parent Coaching      $60/hr Session


As a Parenting Coach, I  Will Not:

Diagnose Disorders

I will not perform clinical tasks. I will not diagnose conditions in the any other family members. A parenting coach offers new skills to assist the family in moving forward in a positive direction based on their current challenges as a family as a whole. 

Conduct Therapy Sessions

I will support, guide and refer you with methods to restructure your plans to help soothe your family life but a parenting coach will not heal any past wounds of the family members or provide therapy to any family members.  

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I can refer you to proper resources and assist you in seeking out the referrals you will need but I am not able to speak to your therapist or counselor on your behalf while serving you as a parenting coach.  

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

As your parenting coach, I will not judge any of your decision, beliefs, or practices.I will not judge your family members and/or friends for their beliefs, decisions or practices. 


As a parenting coach, I work through word of mouth. If you are pleased with your service, any referrals or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

Family Coaching
Essential Parent Coaching |  in Matthews

Essential Parent Coaching | in Matthews

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